Santa Ynez Valley School Attendance Review Board

The following School Districts have come together to form the Santa Ynez Valley School Attendance Review Board (SARB):

  • Ballard School District
  • Buellton Union School District
  • College School District
  • Los Olivos School District
  • Santa Ynez Valley Charter School
  • Santa Ynez Valley Special Education Consortium
  • Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District
  • Solvang School District
  • Vista Del Mar School District

Supporting Organizations are:

The School Attendance Review Board is the school's last effort to help parents and students with truancy issues.

California law clearly states that school is mandatory for children ages 6 to 18.  Any unexcused absence will be counted towards truancy.  A student is truant when he/she has accumulated 3 unexcused absences.  This will prompt a letter from the District, as required by law, stating that the student is now officially Truant.  Additional unexcused absences will trigger a second letter, restating the student's status.  Once a student is identified as a Habitual Truant, both the student and the parents will have to appear before the School Attendance Review Board, which is comprised of a designated member of each school, and of each supporting organization.  

If the family does not comply with the SARB's recommendations, the case will be moved to the District Attorney's Office for possible prosecution.

The goal of the Districts is to catch attendance/truancy problems early, so we can help families resolve the issues that are causing the student to miss school.  We ask that you keep the School Calendar in mind when planning vacations, or out of town visits.

As always, I will be happy to answer any questions regarding your child's attendance and SARB. 

Véronique Macdonald
Coordinator of Student Information
Buellton Union School District